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Weekend Reads – April 9-11, 2021

Happy Friday everyone! So excited to begin the weekend with beautiful weather, great reading, and an outdoor visit from our friends. 🙂 Hope you have something fun planned, too!

It’s time to think about what I’ll focus on reading this weekend, and I’m super excited about this one!

Weekend Reads is where I will concentrate on just one of the books I’m reading during the weekend rather than trying to balance multiple ones at once. So many times I say, “I’ll read only one chapter of this book and then I go to the next one” or “I want to read halfway through this book before I can read my other one.” My goal is just enjoy what I’m reading and not stress about how much time I’m devoting to every book or how many chapters I’m reading for each book.

Weekend Reads – April 9-11, 2021

For this weekend, I’m planning to focus on…

An Artificial Night (October Daye, #3) by Seanan McGuire. I’m more than halfway through and am loving it! Can’t wait to keep reading!

Why this read?

The October Daye series is a fairly new one for me. I’ve read all of Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children books and have enjoyed them (some more than others), and I was curious about the October Daye series for a while. Noticing that two fellow online book lovers were reading the series together, I decided to jump in and start. What a great decision! I love these books (so far)!

I haven’t read a ton of urban fantasies, but this one I especially like. Having been to San Francisco once, I can see some of the visuals that October (Toby) sees, and I find the balance of living in the fantasy Fae world and the mortal one is just perfect for me – the reader sees and interacts with a lot of fantasy elements while having the back drop be a city in California.

Toby is a great character to follow. She is one that is easy to like and even admire sometimes. Though she can be a bit repetitive at times, I appreciate her as a heroine. I also enjoy a character named Tybalt. Even though we don’t see him for the majority of the series, so far, he’s in every book and I love every scene he’s in. He’s one of my favorite characters 😀

Thrilled to keep reading!

See you this weekend, Toby!

Happy Weekend Reading!

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