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Weekend Reads – April 16-18, 2021

Hope everyone has something fun planned for this weekend! Weather here is so-so, but we should be able to go on a few walks with baby and our dog, which will be great!

It’s time to think about what I’ll be focusing on reading this weekend. I’m excited for this one!

Weekend Reads is where I will concentrate on just one of the books I’m reading during the weekend rather than trying to balance multiple ones at once. So many times I say, “I’ll read only one chapter of this book and then I go to the next one” or “I want to read halfway through this book before I can read my other one.” My goal is just enjoy what I’m reading and not stress about how much time I’m devoting to every book or how many chapters I’m reading for each book.

Weekend Reads – April 16-18, 2021

For this weekend, I’m planning to focus on…

The Restarting Point (Chammont Point, #1) by Marci Bolden – I just started reading this two days and I’m almost three-quarters of the way done!

Why this read?

I remember reading several Marci Bolden books a few years ago. Specifically, her Stonehill series and I remember thinking that these books were heartwarming and simply enjoyable to read. When I saw that Marci Bolden started a new series that is also considered heartwarming, I jumped at the chance of requesting it from NetGalley. So glad that I did!

The writing is simple and flows extremely well. I find myself zipping through chapters without realizing it. Even though I can’t relate to any of the protagonists, relationship-wise, their bond is captivating and enjoyable to read.

We only get to see what Jade is thinking and feeling, but she’s a great character to follow. She’s reflective, no nonsense, and realistic about her emotions. I find her very likable and I can easily see that she would be relatable to many people.

I’m enjoying every minute of reading this novel and can’t wait to get back into it!

Happy Weekend Reading!

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