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Short Story Review: Rat-Catcher (October Daye #0.5) by Seanan McGuire

Title: Rat-Catcher (October Daye, #0.5)
Author: Seanan McGuire

Pages: 25

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication Date: December 2012


Prince of Cats, Rand, enjoys the theater and can watch Romeo and Juliet over and over again. He has such an appreciation for the plays that humans put on.

However, one day his abusive father sends him on a quest and what is learned is more devastating than Rand could imagine. Telling his father, the King of Cats, that everyone must flee for something terrible is about to happen sends his aggressive father into a rampage. Now, Rand must take responsibility and protect this kingdom.

my review

When I found out there was a Tybalt story, one of my favorite characters in the October Daye series, I jumped at the chance to read it!

The author lets Rand’s voice shine through in Rat-Catcher as he tells his story and eventually changes his name to Tybalt. Though a much younger man/cat, the way Rand speaks and thinks is very similar to the Tybalt in the original October Daye series. In this particular story, the reader learns about Rand/Tybalt’s siblings and the sweet and endearing love he has for his sisters. I also thought his care toward the humans he sees every day at the theater was heartwarming. It melted my heart when he tried to warn the humans of the tragedy that was going to occur by just approaching them in his cat form and curled up in one of their laps. And even though his father’s abusive, Rand takes it in stride and ultimately does what he thinks is best.

Plot-wise, Seanan McGuire keeps everything moving fairly quickly. However, I did find the ending to be fairly abrupt and found myself reading a couple of scenes more than once to make sure I understood what was occurring. Then, when Rand goes through the Shadow Roads, I just found myself confused. I assume it’s a magical portal type area, but I can’t be 100% sure. Maybe I’m just over-analyzing and confusing myself, but I would’ve like a little more clarity and a little more time on these roads to understand what they are.

Lastly, there were some questions that were left unanswered. Poking around, it looks like there is a continuation of Rat-Catcher, so maybe some of those questions will be answered there. However, I still feel a bit dissatisfied with the way Seanan McGuire decided to leave these questions unanswered.

Overall, this was a nice little addition to Tybalt’s story and I do plan on reading the next one, however, I wish there was more.

My Rating
3 out of 5 stars


I would recommend this short story to those who enjoy October Daye series, specifically Tybalt’s character and would like to learn a little more about him.

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