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ARC Review: The Restarting Point (Chammont Point, #1) by Marci Bolden

Title: The Restarting Point (Chammont Point, #1)
Author: Marci Bolden

Pages: 242

Genre: Adult, Contemporary
Themes: Friendship, Divorce, Healing, Betrayal, Secrets, Truth, Infidelity

Anticipated Publication Date: April 27, 2021
Publisher: Pink Sand Press

Thank you to the NetGalley and Pink Sand Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review an ARC of The Restarting Point.


Jade Kelly is a strong, independent woman who has single-handedly rose to the top of her career, built a steady home for her children, and provided the funding for her husband’s growing business. When cancer takes over and Jade is in remission, she had made it her mission to restart – to make more time for her family, specifically her relationship with her husband.

However, the relaxing vacation in Chammont Point she thought would be perfect opens up a can of worms. Betrayal, lies, and secrets emerge and now Jade must face an extremely new and rough chapter in her life. Perhaps her new friends at Chammont Point can help Jade begin her restarting point.

my review

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book provided by the publisher, Pink Sand Press, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

When I first found out that this author was starting a new series, I was ready to give it a try!

The most heartwarming part of this story is the friendships that Jade finds the small town of Chammont Point. Darby is sweet, fun-loving, spunky, and has lots of energy while Taylor is level-headed, supportive, and realistic. Add this to Jade’s strong, kind, and honest personality, then you have a great combination of friends that anyone could fall in love with!

Each of the characters were developed well, even the secondary ones. The author gives enough of a back story for each character to help readers connect and feel compassion toward each of them. After all, we all have stories that are both wonderful and potentially devastating. It’s the healing process and who is there with us through it all is what counts. Readers can easily feel that throughout these pages.

There is one thing that brings my rating down a bit. Full disclosure: when going through something traumatic, it makes 100% perfect sense to have to repeat your thoughts, either to yourself or to someone else, to help you process what just occurred. I do this even if what I experienced isn’t something traumatic. But for the sake of connection, when my sister died young, processing what occurred took time. Healing took time. Even now, after several years, I find myself thinking about what could have I done to help more? Did I do everything that I could have? Though I know the answer is yes, I did everything that I could during that time, it still hurts to think about all that she has missed since getting sick then dying. In other words, I know that repetition can help with processing and then eventually moving on. However, the amount of times that Jade repeats her story both within her own mind and with others aloud really did become a bit tiring. It wasn’t just her story, but it was also her thoughts at any given moment. She repeats herself very often and it really doesn’t advance the plot. It actually caused several scenes to drag because I already knew the information and since reading it more than once, I didn’t feel the need to read it again and again. Even some of the arguments that occur are repeated, which again doesn’t advance the plot.

Back to a positive note – the author does a great job in complicating the relationship between Jade and her husband. Because of this complicated relationship, Jade is in two minds after the initial shock, which again brings a great sense realism to the text.

I also love the setting! The author does a great job in placing the readers in a quiet little town, near a lake. It made me want to paddle board, kayak, and spend time outdoors and in nature! Aside from feeling like I’m there, reading The Restarting Point reminds me to enjoy life to the fullest and to go on adventures as much as I can. To remember to make life meaningful and appreciate what and who I have in my life.

Aside from the repetition and some of the dramatic arguments, I did enjoy reading The Restarting Point. I found a lot of what happened in the text to be realistic, the themes are strong and relatable, and the characters are easy to care for. Due to caring about the characters and curious if we learn more about them, I plan on reading the second in the series when it is published.

My Rating
4 out of 5 stars


For those who enjoy heartwarming tales about friendship and healing, then The Restarting Point might be for you!

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