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Audiobook Review: Angel Watcher: A Ditch Lane Diaries Short Story by D.F. Jones

Title: Angel Watcher: A Ditch Lane Diaries Short Story
Author: D.F. Jones; Narrator: Angela S. Clark

Pages: 54

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Themes: Love, Trust, Good vs. Evil

Audible Releasse Date: April 16, 2021
Publisher: Jones Media

Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to listen and review an audible copy of Angel Watcher.


Kaduntz, the angel watcher, searches for human survivors after an attack from Lucifer himself occurs. What she discovers is a mixed breed of humans and angels. Fascinated by this new breed, she meets Cord Jackson. Though there is a connection between the two at first, Kaduntz is unsure and tentative to let the feelings she’s buried deep down come to surface.

When the chance of a pairing link occurs, will Kaduntz be able to open her heart? Is the angel hybrid, Cord, truly the one she is meant to spend the rest of eternity with?

my review

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book by D.F. Jones, but I do remember enjoying them so. When the opportunity to listen to this short story came up, I excitedly decided to request a copy!

This short story is tied in with the Ditch Lane Diaries series, which I’ve read most of. Again, though, it’s been a while.

I’ll start with the narration of the story. The narrator’s voice was very sweet to listen to and easy to enjoy. She enunciated her words, had appropriate pausing, and even threw in different voices for different characters.

In the beginning, I was a little confused and had to listen to the Prologue a couple of times. This could be because I don’t normally listen to audiobooks and my ears just needed to adjust to this type of reading. Or, it could be because I haven’t read the Ditch Lane Diaries books in a while. In either case, once I reached Chapter 1 and listened to the rest of the story, it was easier to follow and understand.

Told in both Kaduntz’s and Cord’s perspectives helps the reader understand the thoughts and feelings of both characters. Both of which were easy to enjoy and likable. I loved the inclusion of Shadow, a dog-like creature that communicates with Kaduntz and is her companion. He was very enjoyable.

When looking at the pairing link aspect of the story, it has an almost fairy tale-like feel to it. The “love at first sight” feeling, which was sweet to read. Not to give too much away, that feeling of first love and being high in the clouds definitely was portrayed here, even if briefly. It reminded me of how I felt when I first met my husband (almost ten years ago now!). That giddy, excited, and full of love feeling.

There was a good amount of world building here. It’s actually a world that I would love to visit again and stay in longer. I’ll have to re-read the Ditch Lane Diaries books at some point in the future!

Due to this being a short story, the ending was also short. The climax came and went fairly quickly, which isn’t a criticism, just a fact. Though I will say I am rather curious about of Lucifer’s future involvement in Kaduntz’s life.

Overall, this was a fun short read that I really enjoyed listening to.

My Rating
4 out of 5 stars


I would recommend this read for those who enjoy short fantasy stories about fated mates.

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